You will find here a “toolbox” where you will be offered a whole range of techniques, even “natural means” (apart from osteopathy) likely to help you to “naturally” relieve your asthma attacks, your allergies, your skin problems in short improve your health without using drugs.

For the moment, you will only find “The sun salutation” but soon will be added; an article on the stopping points of the asthma attack and other articles on little-known (and recognized) ancillary methods that can naturally relieve asthma (such as a summary of the “Buteko” method) but also allergies and skin diseases, (like the Pagano method for all that is eczema or psoriasis) you will also find many recipes of grandmother very useful in case of crisis.

I am naturally open to all your suggestions that you would like to submit to me through the tab “Contact

The sun salutation