Scientific study underway in Paris: Asthma and osteopathy

We are looking for children from 4 to 14 years stabilized for at least one month by the medications of their doctor or pulmonologist, that their parents would agree to entrust us for 4 sessions of osteopathy by engaging only to answer 3 inquiries, one before the beginning of the sessions, one to two months and one to 6 months (long-term verification.)

Passionate osteopaths.

  • We have excellent results in osteopathy on asthma (more than 1500 people treated).
  • It must be known, HELP US!

Osteopathy when treating asthma is:

  • Not recent (more than 130 years ago that Still, founding osteopathy, advocated its effectiveness on asthma, many osteopaths have confirmed later).
  • Not confidential (osteopathy is now recognized in Europe after a long period of invisibility).
  • Not binding (only 4 sessions to treat asthma).
  • Not toxic (it has no side effects, neither short term nor long term).

We know from experience that osteopathy is very effective against asthma.

  • We want to prove it.
  • We want to help children with asthma and their families.
  • We have a refined protocol for over 20 years.

We have excellent results in the office where we can officially appreciate the statistical results only through a scientific study that we wish to carry out in due form, in close collaboration with doctors and pulmonologists.

  • And this thanks to you, children with asthma, parents who want to trust us and bring them to us.

We have already started this study and it looks promising, spectacular.

  • We need more children to confirm the irrefutable effectiveness of osteopathy on asthma.
  • Help us: send us either your children or asthmatic children you would know, relaying this letter.

So, do not tell us:

  • “If it worked it would be known! ” Try !
  • “It’s going to cost me too much” we will treat your children for free (and nothing stands in the way of stopping crises!)
  • “There is no scientific study” it is our goal, we must start! We will be pioneers.
  • “I do not dare to talk about it. Think of the gratitude of those who will be well.
  • We are looking for asthmatic children to carry out the scientific study: “Asthma and Osteopathy”

Send us children, boys or girls, ages 4 to 14 who have asthma attacks.

  • It will help them to live better.
  • This will serve their families always on the alert.
  • This will help us to do this study and we thank you for it.
  • This will be of service to society and will cost less than hospital days.

Catherine Rod de Verchère
Karl Richard

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